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1 John Mannes @JohnMannes 3,410 VC @BasisSet, Words @TechCrunch, CogSci @Umich, Former Board Member @mocoboe, Pitch via email:
a year ago The AI ecosystem to be on display at Disrupt SF
a year ago Y Combinator takes machine intelligence startups to school and learns a thing or two
2 Khari Johnson a year ago AI Weekly: Inaugural AI Index report tracks industry progress and shortcomings
a year ago Google targets AI startups with Developers Launchpad Studio mentorship program
3 Dean Takahashi 2 years ago McAfee CTO says human-machine teams will stop cybercrime better
2 years ago Nvidia invests in six AI startups via its GPU Ventures program
4 Darrell Etherington @etherington 22,182 Transportation and automotive reporter at TechCrunch
a year ago Intel Capital has invested over $1 billion in companies focused on AI
2 years ago AI everywhere
5 Jon Russell @jonrussell 24,647 I write about Asia for @techcrunch with a side serving of crypto | Get my newsletter: | 📩 📲 Telegram: @jonrussell
a year ago China’s JD partners with accelerator program Plug and Play to reach US startups
a year ago COMB+ announces a $77M fund to help AI startups enter China
6 Lora Kolodny @lorakolodny 20,250 Advanced. Work = CNBC startups & vc reporter. Ex-TechCrunch, WSJ / WSJ Pro, NYTimes, Inc. magazine. No tweet pitches, please. Email =
2 years ago GE invests $2 million in Alchemist Accelerator to back industrial IoT startups
2 years ago Y Combinator has a new AI track, and wants startups building ‘robot factory’ tech to apply
7 Joanna Glasner @jglasner 1,577 Freelance reporter. Specialize in finance, venture capital and private equity Foodie. Real estate investor. No Cal address. East Coast attitude.
a year ago New seed funds pursue AI, hard tech and the Midwest
2 years ago VCs determined to replace your job keep AI’s funding surge rolling in Q2
8 Ingrid Lunden @ingridlunden 27,601 Journalist. Mom. Wife. Traveler. Speaks English, American, Russian, Franglais, Spanglish, in metaphors. DMs OPEN
a year ago Data is the name of the game, as Intel Capital puts $60M in 15 startups, $566M in 2017 overall
2 years ago Microsoft launches AI for Earth to give $2M in services to environmental projects
9 Már Másson Maack @mm_maack 243 Contributors Editor & Writer @thenextweb. Japan-born Icelandic expat living in Amsterdam. Maack is pronounced 'Mock', it's weird and don't ask me why.
a year ago EU’s draconian new copyright law puts an expiration date on startups
2 years ago EU’s copyright reforms might suck for AI startups
10 Devin Coldewey @kateconger 8,847 I write about policy and security for @gizmodo. DMs open, say hi! Previously: @techcrunch.
a year ago Google takes aim at medtech for Launchpad Studio’s first batch of AI-focused startups
a year ago Allen-backed AI2 incubator aims to connect AI startups with world-class talent
11 VB Staff 2 years ago AI + commerce means wide-open new verticals for startups (VB Live)
2 years ago How to get your AI and bot company funded (VB Live)
12 Natasha Lomas @riptari 18,428 #140. Words words words. Journalist, geek, poet*, feminist** ~Owns cats, asks awkward questions~ *part-time **full-time | Tips to: natasha[at]techcrunch[dot]com
a year ago Meet European bootcamp Rockstart’s first AI cohort
2 years ago Europe’s Rockstart accelerator launches an AI track
13 Mariya Yao, Topbots 2 years ago How companies and consumers benefit from AI-powered networks
2 years ago How real investors separate AI hype from reality
14 Romain Dillet @romaindillet 12,194 Writing about tomorrow, looking for the perfect emoji today. Senior Writer at @TechCrunch.
2 years ago Microsoft launches a new AI startup program at Station F in Paris
2 years ago Sinovation Ventures’ Dr. Kai-Fu Lee is betting big on artificial intelligence
15 Ken Yeung 2 years ago 500 Startups promotes Chris Neumann to venture partner, launches data track
2 years ago Samsung's $150 million bet to find the next big startup