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1 Dean Takahashi a year ago Wargaming Mobile will publish titles from startup Gunslinger Studios
a year ago Skillz raises $25 million for mobile esports platform
2 Anthony Ha @anthonyha 39,013 I write about media and advertising (for TechCrunch), plus monsters (for no one). DMs are open. Tips/pitches:
a year ago Omnyway raises $12.75M to connect advertising and mobile commerce
2 years ago Mobile gaming company Scopely raises $60M
3 Sarah Perez @sarahintampa 56,303 Reporter at TechCrunch. This is my email: SO DON'T PITCH MY DMs
a year ago Target adds AR shopping to its mobile website
2 years ago Comcast’s new wireless service, Xfinity Mobile, is now live
4 Josh Constine @JoshConstine 49,417 Cybersociologist, Meme Whisperer, Editor-At-Large @TechCrunch, #Omnibang. Articles: DM me tips & speaking gigs 👏
a year ago Revolut merges mobile banking with cryptocurrency trading
2 years ago Facebook tries to prove Instant Articles beat mobile web
5 Ina Fried @inafried 82,092 Chief Technology Correspondent for @Axios; former Senior Editor at Recode. Huge softball, hockey, basketball fan.
2 years ago Oculus mobile exec Max Cohen says mobile VR is ‘the mass market’
2 years ago Oculus’ mobile chief Max Cohen is joining the speaker lineup as VR takes center stage at next week’s
Code Mobile

6 Paul Sawers a year ago Amazon's IMDbPro gets its first mobile app
a year ago Giphy launches its GIF Maker tool for mobile browsers
7 Jon Russell @jonrussell 24,647 I write about Asia for @techcrunch with a side serving of crypto | Get my newsletter: | 📩 📲 Telegram: @jonrussell
a year ago LG’s mobile business can’t stop losing money
2 years ago LG launches a mobile payment service in Korea
8 Rachel Kaser @rachelkaser 1,315 Reporter for @TheNextWeb. Former pro game critic. Current amateur critic of everything else.
9 months ago Runescape tests the mobile waters with iOS beta
2 years ago T-Mobile announces new feature to protect mobile users from scams
9 Rani Molla @ranimolla 13,243 NOW: Data Editor @Recode making information visual. @Bfly / @business @WSJ @Gigaom @Columbiajourn alumna. Generalist.
a year ago Mobile is driving most ad spending growth worldwide
2 years ago Mobile broadband subscriptions are projected to double in five years
10 Natasha Lomas @riptari 18,428 #140. Words words words. Journalist, geek, poet*, feminist** ~Owns cats, asks awkward questions~ *part-time **full-time | Tips to: natasha[at]techcrunch[dot]com
a year ago HMD’s revived Nokia 3310 classic mobile gets 3G
2 years ago Europe mostly ends mobile roaming fees from today
11 Jason Del Rey @DelRey 26,643 I cover Amazon, e-commerce & payments at @Recode. Tips: or Signal, Telegram, Confide, WhatsApp at 917-655-4267.
3 years ago Pinterest confirms 'acqhire' of mobile advertising startup URX
3 years ago Apple Pay Coming to Mobile Websites Before Holiday Shopping Season
12 Mike Minotti a year ago Sensor Tower: Kobolds & Catacombs doubled Hearthstone's mobile revenues
2 years ago Fire Emblem: Heroes is Nintendo's best mobile game yet
13 Ben Bajarin 3 years ago The Post-Mobile Era
14 Eric Johnson @HeyHeyESJ 6,561 Producer, @Recode Radio | Co-host, @geekvsn00b | Email:
2 years ago Oculus mobile exec Max Cohen says mobile VR is ‘the mass market’
15 Anthony Bartolo, Tata Communications 2 years ago AI is going mobile