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1 April Glaser @aprilaser 6,839 writer @slate. previously @recode and @wired. from nashville. DM for Signal.
2 years ago The number of robots sold in the U.S. will jump nearly 300 percent in nine years
2 years ago Domino’s is going to use sidewalk robots in Germany to deliver pizza
2 Lora Kolodny @lorakolodny 20,250 Advanced. Work = CNBC startups & vc reporter. Ex-TechCrunch, WSJ / WSJ Pro, NYTimes, Inc. magazine. No tweet pitches, please. Email =
2 years ago Marble and Yelp Eat24 start robot food delivery in San Francisco
2 years ago Bext360 is using robots and the blockchain to pay coffee farmers fairly
3 Brian Heater @bheater 10,034 I eat hot emcees like cold salads.
2 years ago Scientists use magnetic fields to remotely control biologically inspired soft robots
2 years ago Technology is killing jobs, and only technology can save them
4 Devin Coldewey @kateconger 8,847 I write about policy and security for @gizmodo. DMs open, say hi! Previously: @techcrunch.
2 years ago Between robots’ ‘safe’ and ‘unsafe’ zones, a sort of robot friend zone proposed
2 years ago Disney Research has robots matching verbal styles with kids
5 Darrell Etherington @etherington 22,182 Transportation and automotive reporter at TechCrunch
2 years ago The Ohmni home robot wants to help families stay in touch with telepresence
2 years ago Honda’s new R&D Center X will focus on robots, energy and AI
6 David Curry 2 years ago Cybersecurity Experts Paint Bleak Picture Of Robot Security
2 years ago Samsung skips robots to focus on health wearables
7 Ned Desmond @mjburnsy 15,912 Lover of gadgets. Occasional woodworker. TechCrunch Managing Editor. And I live in Michigan. That's about it.
2 years ago TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics to feature iconic roboticists from MIT, Disney and iRobot
2 years ago Announcing TC Sessions: Robotics, a one-day event on everything robots
8 Eric Johnson @HeyHeyESJ 6,561 Producer, @Recode Radio | Co-host, @geekvsn00b | Email:
2 years ago We need robots to take our jobs, according to John Markoff
3 years ago Robots won’t replace teachers because they can’t inspire us
9 Mashable Video 2 years ago Hidden history of virtual reality
2 years ago That feeling when a robot isn't just a robot
10 Scott Hunter 3 years ago Never Fear, Robots Are Here
11 Peter Kafka 2 years ago Robots want half of your jobs
12 Miriam Kramer 2 years ago Meet the robonauts: NASA's humanoid robots
13 Steve Cousins 2 years ago Robots, jobs and the human fear of change
14 Ryan Lawler @ryanlawler 23,492 Content @SamsungNEXT | Previously @techcrunch, @500startups, & @gigaom
2 years ago The food delivery robots are coming! The food delivery robots are coming!
15 Ramamurthy Sivakumar 2 years ago Room-service robots — and that’s just the start