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1 Live Science a year ago Why Fat On Your Hips May Be Healthy
2 years ago Surge In Home Testing Sales Followed Charlie Sheen's HIV Disclosure
2 Maria Gallucci 2 years ago Even penguins marched (well, waddled) for science
2 years ago Science hero Neil deGrasse Tyson delivers his most inspiring message yet
3 Andrew Freedman a year ago Trump science agency nominee is not a climate denier
a year ago The EPA's Scott Pruitt ignores the new U.S. climate science report
4 Devin Coldewey @kateconger 8,847 I write about policy and security for @gizmodo. DMs open, say hi! Previously: @techcrunch.
a year ago Google revamps Science Journal app with new sensors and iOS support
2 years ago Spotting sockpuppets with science
5 Alessandra Potenza @ale_potenza 2,787 Deputy Science Editor @verge. Science and space junkie. I cover the environment, health + weird creatures. @ColumbiaJourn grad.
2 years ago Trump’s budget is very bad news for science research
2 years ago Cutting science funding means sacrificing the US’s future
6 Angela Chen @chengela 3,296 Reporting on science @Verge, prev WSJ, Guardian, CHE; essays @CatapultStory. My book, ACE, out from Beacon in 2019. I one-box in Newcomb's paradox.
2 years ago Trump’s budget is very bad news for science research
2 years ago Science panel okays one day editing human embryos
7 Miriam Kramer 2 years ago Attend the March for Science without ever leaving your couch
2 years ago The science march is about 'hope' for a fact-based future
8 Andrew Liptak @AndrewLiptak 2,946 Weekend Editor at The Verge.

Costuming, military history, planets, science fiction, trilobites.
a year ago How the Science Channel is rebooting MythBusters with a new team
2 years ago One of the greatest science fiction magazines is now available for free online
9 Chris D'Angelo @c_m_dangelo 1,908 Environment Reporter @HuffPost. @UMJSchool grad. St. Louis native. Tips/dirt/threats:
2 years ago House Science Committee Chair Says Science Magazine Is Not 'Objective'
2 years ago GOP Congressman Turns Science Committee Into Platform For His Own Anti-Science Views
10 Eric Johnson @HeyHeyESJ 6,561 Producer, @Recode Radio | Co-host, @geekvsn00b | Email:
2 years ago Science is universal’: Silicon Valley joins the March for Science
2 years ago How to watch the March for Science online
11 Matthew Lynley @mattlynley 14,394 Writer @TechCrunch. Math @ UNC 2010. Will cook for scoops. Lynley at TechCrunch dot com. DM for: Signal/WhatsApp, PGP, poorly-timed gifs
2 years ago Google is acquiring data science community Kaggle
2 years ago Google confirms its acquisition of data science community Kaggle
12 Scott K. Johnson @SJvatn 1,679 Geoscience journalist @ArsTechnica, Science Editor @ClimateFdbk, geology instructor @CoconinoCC, groundwater afficionado
a year ago US House Science Committee just had a rational hearing about climate
2 years ago Science curious” more likely to explore data contradicting their world view
13 Adam Rogers 2 years ago Congress Saved the Science Budget—And That’s the Problem
2 years ago Trump’s Budget Forgets That Science Is Insurance for America
14 Jordan Novet 2 years ago Cloudera plans to launch data science software, cloud services
2 years ago Google confirms acquisition of data science startup Kaggle
15 Rachel Becker @RA_Becks 2,222 Science journalist for @verge. Tweets mine, RTs & likes≠endorsements.
2 years ago Here's Trump's plan to destroy the US science budget
2 years ago Researchers must convince Trump that science matters, interior secretary says