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1 Andrew Freedman 2 years ago EPA mistakenly tells the truth about Trump's climate plans
2 years ago EPA's Scott Pruitt enters a hotbed of anti-Trump resistance: his own agency
2 Maria Gallucci 2 years ago Your political views help determine which science books you buy
2 years ago EPA won't ban this chemical even though agency scientists want to
3 Chris D'Angelo @c_m_dangelo 1,908 Environment Reporter @HuffPost. @UMJSchool grad. St. Louis native. Tips/dirt/threats:
2 years ago Mayoral Candidate Follows Up Climate Change Skepticism With Green Energy Pledge
2 years ago Jane Goodall Wants You To Stand Up To Those Who Belittle Science
4 John Timmer @j_timmer 9,390 Chief science wrangler for Ars Technica. Writes, edits, and teaches science communications.
2 years ago Anti-climate science think tank trying to get textbooks into US schools
2 years ago Lamar Smith claims climate scientists not following scientific method
5 Alessandra Potenza @ale_potenza 2,787 Deputy Science Editor @verge. Science and space junkie. I cover the environment, health + weird creatures. @ColumbiaJourn grad.
2 years ago Republicans held a fake inquiry on climate change to attack the only credible scientist in the room
2 years ago Boaty McBoatface’s heroic journey to Antarctica begins today
6 Live Science 2 years ago Men's Looks Matter More Than Women Admit, Study Shows
2 years ago Are You A Night Owl? It May Be A Gene Mutation
7 Darrell Etherington @etherington 22,182 Transportation and automotive reporter at TechCrunch
2 years ago Toyota Research Institute puts $35M into AI-powered materials research
2 years ago SpaceX recovers Dragon capsule loaded with science and research from the ISS
8 Recode Staff 2 years ago Full video: National Geographic Global Networks CEO Courteney Monroe at Code Media
2 years ago Full transcript: Hadi Partovi and Reshma Saujani talk about learning to code on Too Embarrassed to Ask
9 Loren Grush @lorengrush 17,887 Science reporter at @verge. Host of #VergeSpaceCraft. Daughter of rocket scientists. Lover of spaceflight. Texas-bred: Clear eyes, full hearts.
2 years ago Trump’s biggest budget cuts to NASA: ranked
2 years ago Trump's NASA budget cancels Europa lander and Asteroid Redirect Mission
10 Lora Kolodny @lorakolodny 20,250 Advanced. Work = CNBC startups & vc reporter. Ex-TechCrunch, WSJ / WSJ Pro, NYTimes, Inc. magazine. No tweet pitches, please. Email =
2 years ago Why tech workers showed up to March for Science
2 years ago Hanson Robotics built a Professor Einstein toy to teach kids science with a familiar face
11 Elizabeth Lopatto @mslopatto 8,595 Science editor @verge. Tip me:
2 years ago Boaty McBoatface’s heroic journey to Antarctica begins today
2 years ago Cutting science funding means sacrificing the US’s future
12 Matthew Lynley @mattlynley 14,394 Writer @TechCrunch. Math @ UNC 2010. Will cook for scoops. Lynley at TechCrunch dot com. DM for: Signal/WhatsApp, PGP, poorly-timed gifs
2 years ago Google is acquiring data science community Kaggle
2 years ago Google confirms its acquisition of data science community Kaggle
13 Devin Coldewey @kateconger 8,847 I write about policy and security for @gizmodo. DMs open, say hi! Previously: @techcrunch.
2 years ago Spotting sockpuppets with science
2 years ago Good luck silencing science
14 Rachel Kaser @rachelkaser 1,315 Reporter for @TheNextWeb. Former pro game critic. Current amateur critic of everything else.
2 years ago Science turns paintings into photos because Prisma is so 2016
2 years ago NASA hints at discovery of new planets outside the solar system
15 Andrew Liptak @AndrewLiptak 2,946 Weekend Editor at The Verge.

Costuming, military history, planets, science fiction, trilobites.
2 years ago 39 science fiction, fantasy, and horror novels to read this April
2 years ago Adam Savage on his live science show, cosplay, and ‘promoting the joy in making things’