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AI Assisted Pitch Deck

An AI-powered deck designed for effective journalist pitches, combining best communication practices with a personalized writing style and context

Tailored Journalist Outreach

AI-powered recommendations to ensure your pitch stands out, utilizing best practices specific to individual journalists.

Context-Driven Communication

Get insights on each journalist's preferences, ensuring relevance and increasing the chances of your pitch being picked up.

Personalized Engagement Strategies

Customize your approach based on a journalist’s past responses and preferences, fostering better relationships.

Adaptive Writing Styles

Let the AI suggest writing styles that resonate most with specific media outlets, enhancing your outreach efficacy.


Discover the Perfect Journalist Match

Our tailored journalist database is designed with your unique needs in mind. Instead of sifting through countless profiles, find the right journalist who's eager to tell your story.

Find the Right Journalist

Dive into a database tailored for your story. Skip the endless search.

Stay Updated, Always

Track journalists' latest articles. Keep your pitches fresh and relevant.

Maximize Your PR Impact, Minimize Costs

Why pay a premium for PR when you can achieve even better results at a fraction of the cost? Empower your business with top-tier media outreach that's budget-friendly and effective.

Struggling with Media Outreach?

Find the right journalists and perfect your pitch, all in one place.

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