Journalists covering Aktiesport

City A.M., Motley Fool, Retail Dive, Retail Gazette and others - 33 journalists.

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1Matt Readman
City A.M.

2Leo Sun
Motley Fool
Technology Specialist @ The Motley Fool.
Taipei City, Taiwan

3Paul McVeigh
City A.M.

4Theo Ajadi
City A.M.

5Tatiana Walk-Morris
Retail Dive
Journalist. Amplifying unheard voices.
Chicago, Illinois / Detroit, Michigan

6Eloise Hill
Retail Gazette
Journalism Student. University of Portsmouth.
London, England

7Aoife Morgan
Retail Gazette

8Jennifer Saibil
Motley Fool

9Frank Ove Reite
Offshore Engineer

10Deanna Ritchie
Business woman, entrepreneur.
Palo Alto, California