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1 Mix @Mixtatiq 943 Occasional douchebag. Writer at @TheNextWeb. Opinions are my own.
12 days ago A clever Tesla owner is using his Model S to mine cryptocurrency for free
14 days ago Bitcoin Gold's breach reflects badly on the entire cryptocurrency market
2 Tristan Greene @mrgreene1977 222 Sailor, father, writer, technology reporter for The Next Web.
12 days ago Bitcoin exchanges crash day after US subpoenas cryptocurrency transaction info
2 months ago Amazon rumor sends Bitcoin surging to record highs
3 Khari Johnson 6 days ago Kik forms safety advisory council for messaging app and Kin cryptocurrency
25 days ago PressCoin is a cryptocurrency for investigative journalists and their readers
4 Fitz Tepper @fitztepper 11,636 Writer @TechCrunch. School @fordhamlawnyc, ex @USC.
2 months ago Bitcoin just passed $5,000
2 months ago Coinbase is launching instant purchases and ditching the 3-5 day wait period
5 Dean Takahashi 5 days ago Crycash teams up with Crytek to create cryptocurrency for gamers
4 months ago Nvidia CEO talks cryptocurrency, AI, and the leisure economy
6 Timothy B. Lee @binarybits 24,743 I write about technology, policy, and the future of transportation for @arstechnica. Previously @voxdotcom, @washingtonpost. Partisanship is a hell of a drug.
7 days ago Feds shut down allegedly fraudulent cryptocurrency offering
a month ago Tezos, a cryptocurrency that raised $232 million in July, is in crisis
7 Emma Hinchliffe a month ago Use your computer's extra power to mine cryptocurrency
7 months ago Bitcoin's price breaks records, yet again
8 Josh Constine @JoshConstine 49,417 Cybersociologist, Meme Whisperer, Editor-At-Large @TechCrunch, #Omnibang. Articles: DM me tips & speaking gigs 👏
7 days ago Revolut merges mobile banking with cryptocurrency trading
3 months ago Wificoin lets you buy hotspot access with cryptocurrency
9 George Beall @GeorgePBeall 471 Angel Investor || #GenZ consultant || TNW Contributor @TheNextWeb
23 days ago How to prepare for the cryptocurrency revolution
3 months ago What to think about when investing in cryptocurrency?
10 Ben Dickson @bendee983 2,212 Software Engineer|#tech blogger Founder of @bdtechtalks Writes about #IoT #blockchain #AI #VR #AR #cybersecurity #privacy everywhere
3 months ago The cryptocurrency market is maturing, not stalling
5 months ago How to reduce the risks and complexities of cryptocurrency investment
11 Andrei Tiburca @AndreiTiburca 247 Marketer @Teamweek, Editor @WebDesignLedger, Contributor @TheNextWeb, Eccentric Billionaire, Liar
18 days ago Index fund-type coins are about to enter Cryptocurrency market
a month ago Where the knowledge economy meets Cryptocurrency for powerful change
12 Már Másson Maack @mm_maack 243 Contributors Editor & Writer @thenextweb. Japan-born Icelandic expat living in Amsterdam. Maack is pronounced 'Mock', it's weird and don't ask me why.
4 months ago Estonia is looking into starting its own national cryptocurrency
9 months ago Deletable blockchain might make cryptocurrency more user-friendly
13 Thuy Ong @ThuyOng 2,457 Journalist at @Verge. Prev. @Reuters/@AJEnglish/@abcnews. I like films, science, tech, food, photography & sometimes economics.
13 days ago Bitcoin surges past $10,000
a month ago Bjork's new album Utopia will come with cryptocurrency
14 Dan Goodin @dangoodin001 27,476 Ars Technica reporter. Signal number 650-440-4479. The world isn't run by weapons anymore or energy or money. It's run by little 1s and 0s, little bits of data.
13 days ago Websites use your CPU to mine cryptocurrency even when you close your browser
7 months ago Massive cryptocurrency botnet used leaked NSA exploits weeks before WCry
15 Abhimanyu Ghoshal @aghoshal 5,266 Better on Instagram than on Twitter: 📸abhimanyughoshal
Reporter @thenextweb. Holla:
a day ago Bitcoin heads to Wall Street as CBOE launches futures
21 days ago Cryptocurrency startup Tether claims it was robbed of $31 million in tokens