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1 Mix @Mixtatiq 943 Occasional douchebag. Writer at @TheNextWeb. Opinions are my own.
3 years ago Cryptocurrency startups bypass Facebook ad ban with sly marketing tricks
3 years ago Reddit data reveals weird correlation between cryptocurrency volatility and HODLing
2 Ed Zitron @edzitron 115,743 The best PR twitter. CEO EZPR. British. @TheNextWeb @Inc also @scumbagpodcast, Author, Top 50 Tech PR person. brain genious
3 years ago Cryptocurrency News March 29 - Hell!
3 years ago Cryptocurrency News March 15
3 Abhimanyu Ghoshal @aghoshal 5,266 Better on Instagram than on Twitter: 📸abhimanyughoshal
Reporter @thenextweb. Holla:
3 years ago India slams the brakes on cryptocurrency trading
3 years ago Foxconn is making Sirin Labs’ $1,000 blockchain phone for cryptocurrency geeks
4 Tristan Greene @mrgreene1977 222 Sailor, father, writer, technology reporter for The Next Web.
3 years ago Skycoin: Anatomy of a cryptocurrency scam
3 years ago Bitcoin exchanges crash day after US subpoenas cryptocurrency transaction info
5 Khari Johnson 3 years ago Kik forms safety advisory council for messaging app and Kin cryptocurrency
3 years ago Kik raises $98 million in Kin cryptocurrency token sale
6 Dean Takahashi 3 years ago Crycash teams up with Crytek to create cryptocurrency for gamers
3 years ago Nvidia CEO talks cryptocurrency, AI, and the leisure economy
7 George Beall @GeorgePBeall 471 Angel Investor || #GenZ consultant || TNW Contributor @TheNextWeb
3 years ago How to prepare for the cryptocurrency revolution
3 years ago What to think about when investing in cryptocurrency?
8 Josh Constine @JoshConstine 49,417 Cybersociologist, Meme Whisperer, Editor-At-Large @TechCrunch, #Omnibang. Articles: DM me tips & speaking gigs đź‘Ź
3 years ago Revolut merges mobile banking with cryptocurrency trading
3 years ago Wificoin lets you buy hotspot access with cryptocurrency
9 Reuters 3 years ago Bitcoin fever exposes cryptocurrency market weaknesses
3 years ago Cryptocurrency surge stirs Bitcoin bubble fears
10 Timothy B. Lee @binarybits 24,743 I write about technology, policy, and the future of transportation for @arstechnica. Previously @voxdotcom, @washingtonpost. Partisanship is a hell of a drug.
3 years ago Leading cryptocurrency exchange faces outages as bitcoin rivals surge
3 years ago Feds shut down allegedly fraudulent cryptocurrency offering
11 Sasha Lekach 3 years ago Even Dogecoin is rallying in this cryptocurrency boom
3 years ago Tobacco company makes a hard pivot to cryptocurrency mining
12 Már Másson Maack @mm_maack 243 Contributors Editor & Writer @thenextweb. Japan-born Icelandic expat living in Amsterdam. Maack is pronounced 'Mock', it's weird and don't ask me why.
3 years ago Estonia is looking into starting its own national cryptocurrency
4 years ago Deletable blockchain might make cryptocurrency more user-friendly
13 Raz Rafaeli 3 years ago How quantum computing could wreak havoc on cryptocurrency
3 years ago How quantum computing could wreak havoc on cryptocurrency
14 Fitz Tepper @fitztepper 11,636 Writer @TechCrunch. School @fordhamlawnyc, ex @USC.
3 years ago dYdX is a decentralized protocol for cryptocurrency derivatives
3 years ago What the hell is happening to cryptocurrency valuations?
15 Emma Hinchliffe 3 years ago Use your computer's extra power to mine cryptocurrency
4 years ago Ethereum: The not-Bitcoin cryptocurrency that could help replace Uber