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1 Jamie Feldman @RealGirlProject 3,353 I like body/budget friendly fashion & well-done french fries. I also put my thing down,flip it & reverse it. fashion & lifestyle editor, @HPLifestyle.
2 Josh Levenson @JLevens0n 34,057 digital culture, fashion and lifestyle blogger
3 Julia Brucculieri @juliabruc 1,516 Entertainment writer @huffpostent; pop culture junkie; fashion lover; doughnut enthusiast.
4 Jason Del Rey @DelRey 24,154 I cover Amazon, e-commerce & payments at @Recode. I also run Code Commerce events. Tips: or DM for info on sending me encrypted text messages
5 Sarah Perez @sarahintampa 53,973 Reporter at TechCrunch.

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6 Khari Johnson a month ago L'Oréal beauty bot learns your style to make gift giving easier
a month ago Amazon's Echo Look is a voice assistant with a camera, because that's not creepy
7 Tricia Gilbride 25 days ago The 10 things I want most from Kim and Kanye's kids collection as an adult woman
a month ago Jaden Smith accessorized for the Met Gala with the dreads he chopped off
8 Samantha Scelzo a month ago Ikea responds back with sass to Balenciaga's copycat tote bag
2 months ago 5-year-old 'boss lady' is slaying the fashion game
9 Napier Lopez @napilopez 2,146 Writer at The Next Web. Physics fanboy. Photographer. General liker of things.
10 Vlad Savov @vladsavov 29,275 @Verge Senior Editor. Aging child.
11 Sohini Mitter a month ago Kendall Jenner appeared on the cover of Vogue India and people had a LOT to say
5 months ago Bollywood filmmaker, fashion designer among 39 killed in Istanbul nightclub attack
12 Abhimanyu Ghoshal @aghoshal 4,867 1P gamer, gastrotourist, design connoisseur, tech enthusiast. Reporter @thenextweb. Do your thang:
13 Eric Johnson @HeyHeyESJ 6,336 Producer, @Recode Radio | Co-host, @geekvsn00b | Email: | Newsletter:
14 Chloe Bryan 24 days ago Celebrities and normals alike sport their fanciest hats at the Kentucky Derby
a month ago Food and fashion enthusiasts alike will dig these sushi shoes
15 Lance Ulanoff a month ago Amazon Echo Look is first smart home device Kim Kardashian could love
5 months ago Faraday Future rolls out production car, the FF 91, in rock star fashion