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1 Steve O'Hear @sohear 18,362 Tech journalist @TechCrunch, mainly covering European startups. Ex-ZDNet. Recovering CEO. I learn from my mistakes so I can repeat them all perfectly. #COYS
6 years ago Viola FinTech is a new $100M Israel-based VC fund targeting fintech startups around the world
6 years ago Fintech startup Glint de-cloaks to offer a multi-currency account and card that supports spending gold
2 Romain Dillet @romaindillet 12,194 Writing about tomorrow, looking for the perfect emoji today. Senior Writer at @TechCrunch.
6 years ago Revolut now has a million customers for its banking alternative
6 years ago N26 is launching its bank in the UK in 2018
3 Jon Russell @jonrussell 24,647 I write about Asia for @techcrunch with a side serving of crypto | Get my newsletter: | 📩 📲 Telegram: @jonrussell
6 years ago Grab, the Uber rival in Southeast Asia, is now officially also a digital payments company
6 years ago China’s announces $500M e-commerce and fintech joint ventures in Thailand
4 Matthew Hughes @matthewhughes 4,016 Technology reporter @thenextweb. Lovable bearded northerner. Software developer. Burger enthusiast. Lib Dem. Email me at
6 years ago The infamous Brexit Bus is now being used to promote a fintech startup
6 years ago My mobile-only bank left me broke; but I'm still convinced it's the future
5 Ingrid Lunden @ingridlunden 27,601 Journalist. Mom. Wife. Traveler. Speaks English, American, Russian, Franglais, Spanglish, in metaphors. DMs OPEN
6 years ago Chase closes WePay acquisition, a deal valued up to $400M
6 years ago Fintech startup Klarna taps Permira for around $250M at $2.5B valuation
6 Jonathan Shieber @jshieber 11,630 Senior Editor | TechCrunch I'm a belieber. Email: shieber at techcrunch dot com
6 years ago Brazilian startup Creditas is revolutionizing credit in the world’s third largest lending market
6 years ago Acorns to launch new retirement accounts after buying Portland fintech startup, Vault
7 Chris Skinner @Chris_Skinner 43,009 Shaping the future of financial services
7 years ago Leading economies are stragglers in the world of fintech
7 years ago Fintech is not just fintech anymore
8 Katie Roof @Katie_Roof 24,084 Senior writer/video host @techcrunch. co-host of "Equity" podcast. @columbiajourn business alum. Californian with a New York past.
6 years ago Will Amazon become a force in fintech?
6 years ago Nav raises $13 million to help small businesses with credit scores
9 Neer Varshney 6 years ago Binance is moving to Europe after crackdowns in Japan, Hong Kong, and China
6 years ago UK launches the world’s first crypto assets task force
10 John Biggs @johnbiggs 38,503 Writer, Doer. My books: TechCrunch editor-at-large. Podcast also check out
7 years ago See you tomorrow in Wroclaw
7 years ago Let’s meet in Wroclaw next week
11 Nikolai Kuznetsov @NikolaiKuznets 4,034 financial writer & consultant, experience in stock market analysis and investment research. Writing for @Forbes, @TheStreet and @HuffingtonPost #fintech
7 years ago Why AI will determine the future of fintech
12 Nikolai Kuznetsov @NikolaiKuznets 4,058 financial writer & consultant, experience in stock market analysis and investment research. Writing for @Forbes, @TheStreet and @HuffingtonPost #fintech
7 years ago US regulatory environment threatens the rise of fintech
13 David Geer @geercom 33,463 Technology writer/journalist David Geer writes about cybersecurity & technology. "It's a trade secret. I could tell you, but then I'd have to encrypt you."
6 years ago 4 ways FinTech is changing global finance
14 Bill Parsons, Yodlee 7 years ago The rise of the fintech bots
15 Romero Rodrigues @romerorodrigues 14,098 Managing Partner of Redpoint eventures, Founder of Buscapé Company. Empreendedor, investidor, apaixonado por ideias e desafios, sempre sem tempo :)
6 years ago Brazil’s fintech boom offers new vertical opportunities for investors