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1 Jon Russell @jonrussell 24,647 I write about Asia for @techcrunch with a side serving of crypto | Get my newsletter: | 📩 📲 Telegram: @jonrussell
3 years ago Blockchain browser Brave makes push to reward content makers and YouTubers
3 years ago Following its $25M ICO, Omise lands strategic investment from Thai bank Krungsri
2 Mix @Mixtatiq 943 Occasional douchebag. Writer at @TheNextWeb. Opinions are my own.
2 years ago Hackers are targeting DADI ICO investors with phishing emails
3 years ago Cryptocurrency startup LoopX pulls exit scam after raising $4.5M in ICO
3 thecointelegraph 3 years ago This company pays you to watch movies — in crypto, of course
3 years ago NAGA successfully launched an ICO — here's how they did it
4 John Biggs @johnbiggs 38,503 Writer, Doer. My books: TechCrunch editor-at-large. Podcast also check out
3 years ago A hard look at token sale mania by a true insider
3 years ago Indiegogo now lets you fund via token sale
5 George Beall @GeorgePBeall 471 Angel Investor || #GenZ consultant || TNW Contributor @TheNextWeb
3 years ago How emerging companies can overcome ICO challenges
3 years ago Bye Kickstarter! ICOs are the new crowdfunding
6 Tristan Greene @mrgreene1977 222 Sailor, father, writer, technology reporter for The Next Web.
3 years ago An ICO for blockchain technology that disrupts fake news is the most 2017 thing ever
3 years ago Cryptocurrency ban in South Korea has virtually no effect on Bitcoin
7 Daan Pepijn @DaanPepijn 4,810 Daan is a Cloud Computing, Web Security Expert and Blogger for Hire. His current interests include enterprise automation, cloud-based security and solutions.
2 years ago 5 easy-to-use tools to discover new ICO’s and cryptocurrencies
3 years ago How not to be scammed into buying crappy cryptocurrencies
8 Natasha Lomas @riptari 18,428 #140. Words words words. Journalist, geek, poet*, feminist** ~Owns cats, asks awkward questions~ *part-time **full-time | Tips to: natasha[at]techcrunch[dot]com
3 years ago European financial watchdog latest to warn over ICOs
3 years ago DeepMind NHS health data deal had ‘no lawful basis’
9 Stan Schroeder 3 years ago Confido's founders vanish after raising $375,000 in an ICO
3 years ago How to invest in an ICO
10 Connie Loizos @Cookie 9,429 silicon valley editor @techcrunch, founder @strictlyvc, panini press enthusiast. tips to
3 years ago While investment firms ponder ICOs, this team is barreling ahead with a $100 million ICO fund
3 years ago How to stage an ICO (and answers to other lingering questions you might have)
11 Chris O'Brien 3 years ago Estonia planning its own cryptocurrency, called 'estcoin', in bid to become global ICO hub
3 years ago ICOs have raised more than $1.3 billion so far in 2017
12 Business Wire 3 years ago Finova Financial's Equity-Linked JCO Token Going Global: Soon Available through Canada's FrontFundr Online Investment Platform
3 years ago CyberMiles Successfully Completes ICO With Record Token Contribution Rush
13 Adrien Henni 3 years ago LAToken raises millions to create "the first asset-backed token exchange"
3 years ago This Russian-designed token wants to tackle crypto-volatility
14 Ben Dickson @bendee983 2,212 Software Engineer|#tech blogger Founder of @bdtechtalks Writes about #IoT #blockchain #AI #VR #AR #cybersecurity #privacy everywhere
2 years ago There’s a major lack of quality VR/AR content — this startup wants to fix that
3 years ago Cryptotokens are raising millions of dollars. Should you launch your own?
15 Danny Crichton 3 years ago Do good companies ICO?