Journalists covering ICO

VentureBeat, Recharge, Retail Dive, ReadWrite and others - 46 journalists.

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1Carl Franzen
Head of news at VentureBeat. Writes fiction.
Brooklyn, NY

2Bernd Radowitz (b_radowitz)
Global news for the Energy Transition.
UK, US, Germany

3Laurel Deppen
Retail Dive
Reporter at Fashion Dive. Music fan.

4Kane Pepi

5Motley Fool Staff
Motley Fool
Investing guidance to make the world smarter, happier, richer.

6Leo Sun
Motley Fool
Technology Specialist @ The Motley Fool.
Taipei City, Taiwan

7IKM Ocean Team Scandinavia
Offshore Engineer

8Simon Yuen
PV Tech
Senior Director, Avatar Technology @Nvidia.

9Costas Mourselas
Financial Times
Hedge fund correspondent. Financial Times.
London, England

10Kate Duguid
Financial Times
Writes about US government debt.
New York