Journalists covering ICO

Offshore Engineer, The Art Newspaper, TechCrunch, Inman and others - 50 journalists.

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1Blair Thomas
Offshore Engineer

2Roberto Prisco Paraiso Ramos
Offshore Engineer

3Louis Jebb
The Art Newspaper

4Manish Singh and Jagmeet Singh
TechCrunch India correspondent.

5Nikki Beauchamp

6Will Norman
PV Tech
London's Walking & Cycling Commissioner.

7James Brumley
Motley Fool

8Maxwell Zeff
Reporter for @Gizmodo. Jersey boy.
New York, New York

9Ioanna Lykiardopoulou
Next Web
Prof of Statistical Science. Works at UCL.
London, UK

10Robert Walton
Utility Dive
Journalist. Reports on energy.
Trumansburg, New York