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1 Ben Dickson @bendee983 1,748 Software Engineer|#tech blogger at @TechCrunch @TheNextWeb
@venturebeat @dailydot @HuffPostUK @IBTimesUK & more. Follows #IoT #blockchain #AI #cybersecurity
2 Ronald van Loon @Ronald_vanLoon 84,452 Helping data driven companies generating value•Top10 Influencer #BigData #DataScience #IoT #MachineLearning #Analytics•Join my Webinars
3 Kyle Ellicott @kyleellicott 4,473 Founder of Internet of Things (#IoT) & #Wearable Tech Accelerator @readwritelabs. Entrepreneur. Start-up Lover. @Readwrite. @Codeita. @Eventup. @TechZulu.
4 Cate Lawrence @Cate_Lawrence 2,014 I'm a freelance tech journalist, keen traveller and cook. Sometimes simultaneously... fan of OS, IoT, Wearables, robots, AI and more. Email:
5 Trevor Curwin @tcurwin 371 Editor-in-chief @RWW. Startup advisor. Dog herder. On board the self-driving karma of the #IoT Internet of Things. Twipinions are my own.
6 ReadWrite Sponsors 2 months ago What are the key drivers to successful enterprise IoT development?
3 months ago IoT Analytics report: The journey towards successful IoT solutions
7 David Curry 2 months ago How San Leandro is using IoT to transform its core
2 months ago Hey IoT developers -- it's time you knew your rights
8 Ryan Matthew Pierson @RyanPiersonTech 1,750 Producer, Journalist, RocketTheme team member, contributor to ReadWrite, member of Grav CMS and Gantry Framework project teams. Geek.
9 Clarke Illmatical @RWW 1,659,727 The latest #news, analysis, and conversation on the #InternetOfThings - Join our LinkedIn Group here:
10 Donal Power @CriticalVC 548 Writer with @RWW on #SmartCities #InternetOfThings #Wearables #IIoT #CloudComputing #BigData #IoT.See @SmartCities4All on #SmartCity helping #UrbanPoverty
11 Frederic Lardinois @fredericl 21,129 I write about tech for TechCrunch.
12 Eran Abramson 4 months ago The pros and cons of an IoT-connected world
4 months ago What will be the primary IoT device connected in your future?
13 Dan Goodin @dangoodin001 23,139 I write about people who hack stuff. || The world isn't run by weapons anymore or energy or money. It's run by little ones and zeros, little bits of data.
14 John Biggs @johnbiggs 36,464 Jaywalk co-founder. Writer, Maker. My books: TechCrunch. Podcast Send me a printed note:
15 Amanda Razani 2 months ago Check out a Down Under IoT solution to environmental quality
6 months ago IoT and fashion come together to properly accessorize