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1Retail Dive Staff
Retail Dive
Provides business journalism. In-depth news, retail trends.
Washington, DC

2Matt Ashare
Retail Dive

3Cara Salpini
Retail Dive
Senior Editor. Basketball fan.
Washington, DC

Can retail sell hygge? - about 2 months ago
4Tatiana Walk-Morris
Retail Dive
Journalist. Amplifying unheard voices.
Chicago, Illinois / Detroit, Michigan

5Georgia Wright
Retail Gazette
Senior journo @RetailGazette.
London, England

6Motley Fool Staff
Motley Fool
Investing guidance to make the world smarter, happier, richer.

7Daphne Howland
Retail Dive
Award-winning reporter. Film and theater critic.
Portland, Maine

8Nate Delesline III
Retail Dive
Reporter for RetailDive. Virginia resident.
Norfolk, Virginia

9Automotive World
Automotive World

10Ben Unglesbee
Retail Dive
Reporter at SupplyChainDive. Covers sourcing, procurement.
Washington, DC