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1Ioanna Lykiardopoulou
Next Web
Prof of Statistical Science. Works at UCL.
London, UK

2Jon Stojan
Lucky guy. Fitness and cooking.
Hudson, Wisconsin

3Linnea Ahlgren
Next Web
Senior Editor @thenextweb. 🌱-eater.
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

4Thomas Macaulay
Next Web
Reporter at The Next Web.
London, England

5Jason Hiner
Editor in Chief. At ZDNET.
World citizen

6Meenakshi Prabhune, PhD
The Scientist
Editor in chief at The Scientist.

7Cosmo Sanderson (c_sanderson)
Brighton, England

8Siôn Geschwindt
Next Web
Writes about #tech #climate.
Breda, Netherlands

9Michael Nuñez
Editorial Director at VentureBeat.
San Francisco

10Leah Garden
Climate Tech Reporter, GreenBiz.
Not specified