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1 Ina Fried @inafried 82,092 Chief Technology Correspondent for @Axios; former Senior Editor at Recode. Huge softball, hockey, basketball fan.
7 years ago HTC is trying to entice venture firms into pouring billions into virtual reality
7 years ago What's inside Google's new Daydream virtual reality headset
2 Lucas Matney @lucasmtny 11,333 Professional cruncher of tech. | signal: 317.460.5056
6 years ago Microsoft acquires social virtual reality app AltspaceVR
6 years ago Facebook brings Live broadcasting to its Spaces virtual reality app
3 Kurt Wagner 6 years ago Facebook is still trying to get people pumped about virtual reality
7 years ago The NFL is producing a virtual reality video series exclusively for Google
4 Eric Johnson @HeyHeyESJ 6,561 Producer, @Recode Radio | Co-host, @geekvsn00b | Email:
7 years ago Why Pokémon Go’s John Hanke says augmented reality is better than virtual reality
7 years ago Virtual reality works for games. But what about real life?
5 Dean Takahashi 6 years ago Building the virtual reality experiences and worlds of the future
6 years ago VRobot lets you wreck a big city in virtual reality
6 Adi Robertson @thedextriarchy 9,790 Procrastinating on the future, senior reporter for The Verge.
6 years ago How virtual reality developers are surviving the hype cycle
6 years ago The best virtual reality from the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival
7 WIRED Brand Lab 6 years ago The Next-Gen Concert Experience: Imagine Dragons in Virtual Reality
6 years ago Live Concerts Take the Virtual Out of Virtual Reality
8 Jacob Kastrenakes 7 years ago Tim Cook says augmented reality will be bigger than virtual reality
7 years ago This is GoPro's new virtual reality camera rig
9 Joe Harkenrider 7 years ago How virtual reality is changing storytelling
7 years ago How we tell stories in virtual reality keeps evolving
10 Jason Wilson 6 years ago AR/VR Weekly: Don't doubt virtual reality
6 years ago AR/VR Weekly: These are the voyages of the Starship Virtual Reality
11 Jan Dawson 7 years ago Apple’s route to virtual reality
8 years ago The emerging virtual-reality product parade
12 Mark Bergen 8 years ago YouTube Now Has a 'Global Virtual Reality Evangelist'
8 years ago Google Now Has an Official Virtual Reality Boss to Take On Facebook's Oculus
13 David Curry 6 years ago Facebook finally adds virtual reality app to the social network
6 years ago Facebook To Launch $200 Virtual Reality Headset Later This Year
14 Alice Bonasio @alicebonasio 46,402 #VR Consultant and Tech Trends Editor. Contributor to Wired, Quartz, Ars Technica, TNW, FastCo. Author of VRgins: Love, Sex and Relationships in the Virtual Age
6 years ago Will blockchain help make Virtual Reality more social?
6 years ago Will blockchain help make Virtual Reality more social?
15 Adario Strange 6 years ago Step into the octagon with a live UFC fight in virtual reality
7 years ago Nerdy dad uses virtual reality to let daughter ride family cat