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Mobile Marketer, Retail Dive, Skift, AdExchanger and others - 34 journalists.

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1Peter Adams
Mobile Marketer
Senior reporter, Marketing Dive.
New York

Mobile Marketer

3Tatiana Walk-Morris
Retail Dive
Journalist. Amplifying unheard voices.
Chicago, Illinois / Detroit, Michigan

4Anna Zawislak

5AdExchanger Guest Columnist
News on digital advertising, marketing. Award-winning reporting, podcasts, events.
New York City, New York

6Sara Karlovitch and Jessica Deyo
Mobile Marketer

7Chris Kelly
Mobile Marketer
CEO of @Upwave. @NotreDame alum.
Oakland, California

8Antoinette Siu
Journalist covering media @digiday.
San Francisco Bay Area

9Nate Delesline III
Retail Dive
Reporter for RetailDive. Virginia resident.
Norfolk, Virginia

10Jennifer Sor
Business Insider
Writer with bylines in Business Insider, SF Chronicle.