Journalists covering smart speaker vs. smart display

The Verge, Digital Trends, ReadWrite, Engadget and others - 38 journalists.

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1Sheena Vasani
The Verge
Writer for @verge.
Los Angeles, California, United States

2Aaron Mamiit
Digital Trends
Writes video game rumors to filings.

3Michael Bizzaco
Digital Trends

4Erika Rawes
Digital Trends
News Writer/Columnist.
Beaufort, South Carolina

5Graeme Hanna

6Tyler Lacoma
Digital Trends
Writer, not the weird kind.

7John Velasco
Digital Trends

8Jeff Dunn
Senior commerce writer at Engadget. Writes game reviews.
NYC via Boston

9Michelle Rae Uy
Tech expert. TV guy. US EIC, TechRadar. Ex-Mashable, PCMag.
New York, New York

10Lance Whitney
Personal technology writer. Book author. Software trainer.
New York State, United States