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1 Ben Dickson @bendee983 2,212 Software Engineer|#tech blogger Founder of @bdtechtalks Writes about #IoT #blockchain #AI #VR #AR #cybersecurity #privacy everywhere
6 years ago Can blockchain democratize education? This startup seems to think so
6 years ago Why the gig economy needs blockchain
2 Binary District Journal 5 years ago Here is why nobody has succeeded at running IoT on the blockchain
6 years ago Every blockchain needs a tool for auditing its smart contracts
3 Daan Pepijn @DaanPepijn 4,810 Daan is a Cloud Computing, Web Security Expert and Blogger for Hire. His current interests include enterprise automation, cloud-based security and solutions.
6 years ago Blockchain will make things even harder for blackhat hackers
6 years ago Is blockchain tech the missing link for the success of IoT?
4 Jeremy Epstein, Never Stop Marketing 6 years ago When blockchain meets big data, the payoff will be huge
6 years ago SEC to blockchain community: You are now regulated
5 Ron Miller @ron_miller 14,410 Freelance Technology Journalist, Blogger, TechCrunch enterprise reporter, Boston sports fanatic.
6 years ago Xage emerges from stealth with a blockchain-based IoT security solution
6 years ago New Venzee tool brings data transformation and validation to your blockchain project
6 thecointelegraph 6 years ago This gambling platform forked its own blockchain to beat the competition
6 years ago This blockchain sports betting platform improves betting odds
7 George Beall @GeorgePBeall 471 Angel Investor || #GenZ consultant || TNW Contributor @TheNextWeb
6 years ago How blockchain will change the gaming industry
6 years ago How blockchain will change major industries
8 AJ Agrawal 6 years ago How blockchain is streamlining business operations
6 years ago Why the blockchain revolution will accelerate in 2018
9 Jon Evans @rezendi 8,620 Novelist, journalist, TechCrunch columnist, CTO @HappyFunCorp, etc.
6 years ago Beyond the boring blockchain bubble
7 years ago Bittercoin: true blockchain believers versus the trough of disillusionment
10 Ellie Martin 6 years ago Is Blockchain the next big thing in technology?
6 years ago How Blockchain is changing the way we do business
11 ArcticStartup @arcticstartup 23,125 Entrepreneurial news from Northern Europe. Organizers of the hottest startup event of the spring 300 Investors | 450 Startups | 150 Corporates
6 years ago Blockchain could solve the next global humanitarian crisis
6 years ago How musicians can benefit from blockchain
12 Neer Varshney 5 years ago Baidu’s new blockchain stock photo platform has no whitepaper
6 years ago Sierra Leone didn’t really use blockchain in their election
13 Mike Butcher @mikebutcher 137,344 (MBE) Editor-At-Large @TechCrunch + @TechHub @Coadec @TheEuropas @Techfugees Snap: themikebutcher. Public speaking:
6 years ago In Israel, a blockchain and crypto hyper-cluster is just getting started
7 years ago Neufund raises €2M for its blockchain-based venture fund
14 Dean Takahashi 6 years ago How Phil Rosedale will use blockchain to power the Metaverse
6 years ago High Fidelity launches Avatar Island with blockchain-based digital economy
15 David Geer @geercom 33,463 Technology writer/journalist David Geer writes about cybersecurity & technology. "It's a trade secret. I could tell you, but then I'd have to encrypt you."
6 years ago Cyber-security and the blockchain: evolving technology for our safety
6 years ago Recognized but under-appreciated: why the knowledge economy needs blockchain