Journalists covering smart home

Ars Technica, Digital Trends, Wired, Inman and others - 44 journalists.

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1Kevin Purdy
Ars Technica
Writer at @arstechnica. Geek culture enthusiast.
Washington, DC

2Jon Bitner
Digital Trends
Writer + Journalist. He/him.
Boulder, Colorado

3Simon Hill
Writes for @WIRED. Has many previous bylines.

4 Nena Farrell
Product writer and reviewer. Works at WIRED.
San Diego

5Aaron Mamiit
Digital Trends
Writes video game rumors to filings.

6Ron Amadeo
Ars Technica
Writes about phones, Google.
Galloway, New Jersey

7Craig C. Rowe

8Michelle Rae Uy

9Jennifer Pattison Tuohy
The Verge
Journalist @verge.
Charleston, South Carolina

10Lance Whitney
Personal technology writer. Book author. Software trainer.
New York State, United States