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1 Dan Frommer @fromedome 44,740 Tech, travel, and food. Editor in Chief at @Recode, proprietor of @CityNotes, co-host of @NeedleAndMouse.
2 Kristen Aiken @kristenaiken 2,247 Exec. Editor of Food + Style at HuffPost. Maker of many things. (I'm better on Instagram: aikenforbacon)
3 Joseph Erbentraut @robojojo 4,302 senior social editor @dose. former senior reporter @huffpost. podcaster @coffeeandbars.
4 Julia Belluz @juliaoftoronto 19,399 Senior health correspondent @voxdotcom #medicine #publichealth #globalhealth '14 MIT Knight Fellow. PGP: F65A 5539 A081 B01E 1E8D 498D 6489 E570 AEAB E972
5 Frank Chen @withfries2 13,575 Partner at @a16z. Tweets about startups, venture investing, AI, autonomy, science, tech, and the future. Sometimes Star Wars. And food. Opinons my own.
6 Lora Kolodny @lorakolodny 19,778 Advanced. Work = CNBC startups & vc reporter. Ex-TechCrunch, WSJ / WSJ Pro, NYTimes, Inc. magazine. No tweet pitches, please. Email =
7 Julie R. Thomson 4 months ago How To Keep Your Food Safe At Your Weekend Cookout
4 months ago Brave Psychologist Explains Why Unicorn Food Craze Is Actually A Good Thing
8 Megan Rose Dickey @meganrosedickey 9,702 Reporter @TechCrunch covering race, discrimination and on-demand stuff. #queer PGP: 2FA7 6E54 4652 781A B365 BE2E FBD7 9C5F 3DAE 56BD
9 April Glaser @aprilaser 6,186 writer @slate. technology mostly. previously @recode and @wired and @eff. from nashville. DM for Signal.
10 Jonathan Shieber @jshieber 11,335 Senior Editor | TechCrunch
A man without hope is a man without FOMO. Email: shieber at techcrunch dot com
11 Eleanor Goldberg @ESGoldberg 3,153 Editor @HuffPostImpact. @nyuniversity & @MedillSchool alum. NYC - MIA - PHL
12 Darrell Etherington @etherington 21,667 Transportation and automotive reporter at TechCrunch
13 Michelle Yan 5 months ago This device can tell if your food has gluten
5 months ago Someone staged military rationed food as Michelin-starred plates
14 Abhimanyu Ghoshal @aghoshal 5,157 1P gamer, gastrotourist, design connoisseur, tech enthusiast. Avoiding Twitter on weekends keeps me sane. Reporter @thenextweb. Holla:
15 Jason Del Rey @DelRey 25,823 I cover Amazon, e-commerce & payments at @Recode & run Code Commerce events: Tips: or DM for more contact info.